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Monday, November 1, 2010

CVS Midwest Tape’s Quick Links: The All-Around Fastest Way to Shop

So you’ve gone through our monthly Buyer’s Guides and circled all the titles that pique your interest? Now, you get on, eager to order those circled titles plus some hot new releases. But how do you so quickly and easily? Check out Quick Links, one of our website’s most popular navigation tools.
  • Open the CVS Midwest Tape homepage. Quick Links are located in the upper right-hand corner.
 Click image to enlarge.
  • Links are organized by format (Audiobook, Playaway, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray) and grouped by collection:
Hot New Releases: Click a format to view the latest, most buzzworthy titles added to our website in the Browse function.

Monthly Calendar: Select your format of choice to view each month’s new releases in our Calendar.

Children’s Titles: Choose a format to view top selling titles specific to this collection in SmartBrowse.

Cat2Cart: Click a format to view every title featured in this month’s Buyer’s Guides in SmartBrowse.

International Titles: Choose a format to view languages specific to this collection; drill down further by selecting a language; and then view those titles in SmartBrowse.
  • Simply click “Home” or the CVS Midwest Tape logo to return to our site’s homepage and the Quick Links feature.
Does your library use Quick Links? How does it aid the efficiency and ease of your shopping experience?

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