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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Speeches, Gleeks, and Globes: Golden Globe Nominees Announced

Ah, the three famous gifts of the season: frankincense, myrrh, and Golden Globes—er, gold.

The Christmas season traditionally brings the Golden Globe nominations with it, and this year’s Globe hopefuls were announced early Tuesday morning by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Unsurprisingly, The King’s Speech (seven nominations), The Social Network (six nominations), and The Fighter (six nominations) ruled the motion picture side of the ballot while Glee’s unfathomable popularity put it on top of the television side.

The Best Dramatic Motion Picture category, the closest thing to “top prize” for the Golden Globes, is a crowded field this year. Based on the amount of love that surfaced for Inception upon its arrival, I would have to consider it to be the favourite—but don’t count out any of the other candidates. The King’s Speech’s multiple nominations, Black Swan’s immense buzz, The Social Network’s timely subject matter, and The Fighter’s freshness in voters’ minds could all tip the scales one way or another.

While critics and bloggers alike expected these films to nab nominations, the Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture category was far more unpredictable and caused some significant head scratching.

It’s not the happenstance of a children’s film (Alice in Wonderland) finding itself in the same category as a movie about burlesque dancers (Burlesque, which didn’t exactly receive award-worthy reviews) that’s boggling, It’s how The Tourist, a thriller about a couple on the lam in Italy, winds up nominated for this award. This film was clearly neither a comedy nor a musical, yet it finds itself nominated as such. Were the Globes really that much in need of more Johnny Depp?

While the Globes can’t seem to get enough Depp, television viewers’ bizarre need for more Glee led to its five nominations (don’t get me wrong, I like the show—but let’s be honest, if someone would have told you two years ago that a musical show about the exploits of a high school glee club set in Lima, Ohio would be the top show of 2010, you probably would have thrown a slushie in their face), including Best Comedy or Musical Television Series. It faces some stiff competition in this category though, as 30 Rock, The Big C, Modern Family, Nurse Jackie, and my personal favourite, The Big Bang Theory, are all in the running.

To view the complete list of nominations, click here, and to shop this year’s nominees, click the collection panel below:

Did the Globes get it right? Who was snubbed? What was nominated that shouldn’t have been? Is The Tourist really a comedy or musical? Let us know your thoughts below!

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