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Thursday, May 19, 2011


This year, the Library Association of Alberta took Jasper by storm for the 2011 Alberta Library Conference.

Before the show, we sent out an email survey to a targeted group of CVS Midwest Tape customers registered to attend the show. The survey helped us to understand and serve our Alberta libraries better and contributed to dialog at the show.

During the show, we handed out gift cards to Evil Dave’s Grill, a locally owned restaurant in Jasper—where the food and service was exceptional! Additionally, everyone who completed the email survey was entered to win our grand prize—a $500 CVS Midwest Tape gift card!

So everyone that visited the CVS Midwest booth was a winner, but who was our big grand prize winner?
Jill Griffith of Red Deer Public Library! Congrats Jill!

Throughout the trade show, our Dave Narciso was there, interacting with hundreds of attendees. The conference was abuzz with interest in digital formats, like e-books, as well as curiosities over what format currently drives circulations at libraries. While Dave was mingling and admiring the sights of Jasper, he snapped some shots of the show:

CVS Midwest Tape sponsored a coffee break station.

Dave working the CVS Midwest Tape booth.

Did you attend the ALC? What did you think of the trade show? What was your favorite event or moment? Got any photos to share? Send them to, and we’ll post them to our blog!

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