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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gear Up for the Super Bowl

Written by Jon Williams

Super Bowl XLVII takes place on Sunday, February 3, and the matchup has been set. This past Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons to earn the NFC berth to the game, while the Baltimore Ravens took out the New England Patriots on the AFC side.

If you pay any attention to sports (or even if you don’t, most likely), you’re going to hear a lot about this game in the coming week and a half. The NFL championship game is always a huge media event, usually turning out to be the most-watched television event of the year in the United States (hence all those amusing commercials that people who don’t even care about football will watch to see).

I won’t bother mentioning the “interesting” storylines you’ll be hearing about ad nauseam leading into the game. I will, however, list a few titles that will help your football-crazy patrons get through the coming football-free weekend, as well as whet their appetites for the big game the following Sunday.

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