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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Safety in the Summertime

Written by Jon Williams

Summer vacation. The break from school can be a delight for the kids, but it’s not always so easy for the adults in their lives. Here are a few resources your library can offer for parents, babysitters, and other caregivers to learn to keep kids safe during their favourite time of year.

One of the highlights of the summer season is hitting the pool or the beach on a hot day. While it’s good for a fun-filled excursion, the water presents a unique set of dangers. While there’s no substitute for good swimming lessons with a qualified instructor, it’s important for a child to know some general water safety tips. Make My World Safe…Around Water presents some important information in this regard. For patrons who have pools in their own backyards, Swimming Pool Inspection can help them make sure the pool itself is as safe as it can be. And exposure to the sun calls for some safety measures, too.

The pool is by no means the only place where safety is paramount. Another entry in the Make My World Safe series deals with keeping children safe on the playground. If they’re involved in sports (organized or otherwise) there are always some issues to consider. Bicycle safety is important for kids on the go, as is neighbourhood safety. And it’s always important to remember that safety starts at home; that’s especially true as kids advance into their teenage years, when they may occasionally find themselves home (or elsewhere) alone.

Of course, no matter how much safeguarding you do, there’s always the possibility that an accident can happen. If one does, having someone who knows how to respond can be vital. To that end, caregivers should have a basic knowledge of first aid. That covers a wide variety of situations, from cuts and animal bites to broken bones and concussions. For more specific emergencies, CPR training can come in handy, and it’s important to note that the process is slightly different for adults and teenagers than for infants and children.

This is just a small sampling of products offered by CVS Midwest Tape that promote safety and emergency preparedness. For more, head over to our website and search terms like ‘safety,’ ‘first aid,’ and ‘CPR.’

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