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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Learn About Processing: Hub Labels

For several years, CVS Midwest Tape has offered customised hub labels (sometimes referred to as ‘donuts’) for CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. In years past, CVS Midwest Tape’s hub labels were made out of adhesive paper. More recently, however, CVS Midwest Tape has replaced paper labels with more durable vinyl labels. These vinyl labels are virtually impossible to rip and are made to better withstand casual wear and tear.

Gone are the days of handwriting information around disc hubs. With CVS Midwest Tape’s customised hub labels, libraries can have names, initials, branches, and barcodes printed on each disc. For a minimal fee, these printed labels will give your products an attractive, professional appearance, thus enhancing your library’s brand.

For help choosing hub label options or for any questions regarding CVS Midwest Tape processing services, please contact your CVS Midwest Tape processing representative at 866.698.2231.

Processing is part of our Workflow Solutions services. To learn more about Workflow Solutions, start the setup process, or view samples, download our no-obligation Workflow Solutions brochure. You can also learn more by clicking the “Workflow Solutions” link under “SERVICES” on our homepage.

Does your library use hub labels? How has it aided your workflows?
Share your experiences and feedback here as comments.

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