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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Celebrate Canadian Libraries with CVS Midwest Tape

Libraries across the country are gearing up to celebrate the services and history of Canadian libraries during Ontario Library Week and Canadian Library Month.

Ontario Library Week, held October 17th through the 23rd, coincides with Canadian Library Month which takes place during the entire month of October. This year’s overall theme, Your Library: Your World: Opening Doors to the Future, hopes to call attention to new and emerging technologies that introduce innovative ideas and stories. Official promotional materials and ideas on how to honor the events are available at the Canadian Library Month website.

Canadian libraries, past and present

In 1779, Governor Frederick Haldimand founded the Quebec Library, Canada’s first publicly funded library. However, it wasn’t until 1883 that Canada’s first tax supported public library, Saint John Free Public Library, opened.1 Over the years, Canada has become home to approximately 22,000 libraries.2 In Ontario alone, patrons visit the province’s over 200 public libraries 69 million times a year, according to the Ontario Ministry of Culture.3

Celebrate Canada with collections from CVS Midwest Tape
Our new Canadian Customised Standing Order plans offer the latest and greatest Canadian titles. The Completely Canadian, Canadian Perspective, and Spotlight on Canada Customised Standing Order plans are devoted strictly to audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs from Canada and offer selections across a wide range of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, children’s, pop, rock, and hip-hop. For more information about these flexible and contract-free programs, contact CVS Midwest Tape at 866-698-2231 or visit

Canadian audiobook, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and Playaway collections from CVS Midwest Tape are accessible from our website. Simply click the Canadian Collections button on the right hand side of the homepage to view a full list of titles.

How is your library planning to celebrate Canadian Library Month and Ontario Public Library Week? Are there any other Canadian titles or collections you would like to see from CVS Midwest Tape?


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