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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Frozen Continues Its Run of Success

Written by Jon Williams

Disney’s Frozen was released into theatres on November 27, 2013, intended as a delightful holiday treat for the kids. It quickly turned into a phenomenon. It pulled in over $110 million at box offices around the world just during its opening weekend, no mean feat for a film with a $150 million budget. Even more impressive has been the film’s staying power. It was #1 at U.S. box offices three different times, the latest being its seventh week of release, challenging and beating other movies that were more likely blockbusters. As of today, it has earned close to $398 million domestically and over $1 billion worldwide. The movie came out last week on DVD and Blu-ray, where no doubt it will be hugely popular as well.

Frozen’s popularity extends beyond the film itself, though. If you pay attention to the music charts, no doubt you’ve noticed the Frozen soundtrack hovering at or near the top since its release. It’s been in the top ten for seventeen weeks, and at #1 for seven of them—including this week. Like the film, the soundtrack has challenged or beaten out albums more likely to be at the top of the charts. Led by the Academy Award winner for Best Song, “Let It Go,” the soundtrack has captured the hearts (and ears) of young ones everywhere—and their parents.

“Let It Go” in the movie is sung by the character Elsa, the snow queen, voiced by Broadway star Idina Menzel. She is joined on the soundtrack by actress Kristen Bell (the character Princess Anna), best known for her recently resurrected role as Veronica Mars, as well as Jonathan Groff (Kristoff) from Glee Josh Gad (Olaf), and Demi Lovato, who performs the single version of “Let It Go.” The soundtrack also features pieces from the score by acclaimed film composer Christophe Beck.

At this early date, the soundtrack is already set to be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) selling CDs of 2014. And for those who just can’t seem to get enough, it is also available in a two-disc deluxe edition that includes 23 additional tracks, featuring demos and outtakes of several songs, plus additional pieces from the score. It has also inspired an edition in the Disney Karaoke series, allowing kids (or whoever) to bring the music home and perform their own renditions.

Needless to say, Frozen fever is at its peak and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon—especially with news that the hit film is in the planning stages for an adaptation on Broadway. If you don’t have the movie or the music on your shelves, what are you waiting for? Just head on over to our website, where you can find it all, as well as plenty of other always-popular Disney films and soundtracks.

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