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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Power Rangers Movie in the Works

Written by Jon Williams

“It’s morphin’ time!” Today Lionsgate and Saban Entertainment announced that they would be producing a feature film that will bring the Power Rangers back to the big screen.

The series revolves around a group of teenagers invested with the ability to morph into a team with special skills and powers that must use said ability to fight off the forces of aliens and other evildoers. Originally based on the Japanese series Super Sentai, the franchise kicked off as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series in 1993. In one form or another it has been in production ever since, entertaining legions of young adults and spawning a popular line of toys and video games. The current incarnation, starting in 2013, is known as Power Rangers Megaforce.

This will not be the Power Rangers’ first foray into theatres; two previous feature films have been made. The first, spurred by the popularity of the original television series, was produced in 1995. In it, the Rangers must battle an ancient alien shape-shifter brought to Earth by their archenemies. In the second, the heroes must protect a wizard from an intergalactic pirate and a demon. This movie, released in 1997, came on the heels of the Power Rangers Zeo series and led into Power Rangers Turbo.

Lionsgate has had great success lately bringing to the screen action movies aimed primarily at the young adult set, beginning with the first two Hunger Games films and the adaptation of the first book from the Divergent trilogy. Certainly they’ll carry that same energy into the upcoming Power Rangers film, which as of now does not have a target release date. In the meantime, though, there is plenty of material to keep young fans entertained. SmartBrowse ‘Power Rangers’ on our website for the full line of TV series and movies in this popular franchise.

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